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Books by Martin Thornton
Rural Synthesis: The Religious Basis of Rural Culture (1948)
A sacramental meditation on the relationship between God, creation, ("The Land") and man framed within the phenomena of rural culture.


Pastoral Theology: A Reorientation (1956)
A work of parochial theology written for parish priests and catechists that argues for a pastoral emphasis anchored, but not limited to, the development of the Remnant of faithful souls; he introduces the threefold Regula.


Christian Proficiency (1959)
A comprehensive exposition of ascetical theology written for the faithful Remnant to delineate the characteristics, dimensions and practices of obedient life under Regula.


Feed My Lambs: Essays in Pastoral Reconstruction (1960)
Essays on a variety of topics, including pastoral theology, the Oxford Movement, the ascetical nature of The Book of Common Prayer, and meditation on scripture (lectio divina).

Margery Kempe: An Example in the English Pastoral Tradition (1960)
A commentary written for all Christians on discipleship as taught by Margery Kempe, called a "first-class parishioner."


The Purple Headed Mountain (1962)
A meditation for all Christians about how the doctrine of creation shapes discipleship: prayer, self-examination, sin, temptation, spiritual growth. It was the Archbishop's Lent Book for 1962.


English Spirituality: An Outline of Ascetical Theology According to the English Pastoral Tradition (1962)
A commentary on the ascetical development of the English School of Catholic spirituality.


The Rock and the River: An Encounter Between Traditional Spirituality and Modern Thought (1965)
A meditation for all Christians that grapples with both the weaknesses of Protestant ascetic (particularly that of Bonhoeffer) and the challenges it poses to traditional orthodox ascetic.


The Function of Theology (1968)
An elucidation for theologians of the nature of theological thinking, including its telos and various functions according to pastoral need.

Prayer: A New Encounter (1972)
A meditation written for the faithful Remnant on the ascetical implications of John Macquarrie's Principles of Christian Theology that focuses on trinitarian discernment, contemplation, silence and Being.


My God: A Reappraisal of Normal Religious Experience (1973)
A meditation written for all Christians that describes the ascetical life in terms of the everyday experiences of serious Christian men and women.

Spiritual Direction (1984)
A comprehensive overview for spiritual directors as a syllabus of studies required for competent, theological and yet contemporary spiritual direction.


A Joyful Heart (1986)
A meditation written for all Christians that summarizes his entire corpus. Several of the chapters are based upon homilies he gave at Truro Cathedral.

Chapters by Martin Thornton

The Anglican Spiritual Tradition, parts 1 and 2
This lecture was composed on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Oxford Movement and first published as chapter four in The Anglican Tradition, ed. Richard Holloway (Wilton, Connecticut: Morehouse-Barlow, 1984).
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Articles by Martin Thornton

Prayer and Incarnation
an article published in 1978 in the UK Journal Christian
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Whither Christian Baptism?
an article published in 1972 in The Times (UK)
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Ode to Millicent
a poem published in 1972 in The Countryman
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The Diverse Riches of Prayer
an article published in 1968 in The Times (UK)
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Music and Ascetical Theology
an essay published in the Programme for the
Southern Cathedrals Festival, Salisbury, 1967
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Some Pastoral Thoughts on Revision of the Office
an article published in 1961 by the journal Prism
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