Nathaniel Marshall, Obl.S.B.

Nathaniel Marshall, Obl.S.B. is a Plumber and the first Fellow-in-Residence at Akenside Press. He met Father Dallman through their mutual connection to Saint John’s Abbey in the Saint Benet Biscop Chapter of Oblates. His Final Act of Oblation, taking Saint Joseph as his oblate patron, was made on October 8, 2017.

Nathaniel was born in Long Beach, CA moved to Plano, TX where he graduated high school before moving back to Garden Grove, CA, and then finally landed in Atlanta, GA in 2015 with his wife and two daughters. After growing up in a loving non-denominational, Evangelical home, he attended his (non)denomination’s version of seminary, graduating in 2011. His childhood love for books and his time in seminary, along with the gentle and patient guidance of God, lead to reading Anglican, Orthodox, and later, Roman Catholic authors. In them he did not find deep contradiction to the faith he had been raised in, but brilliant fulfillment, fostering a love and longing in his heart for the Catholic Faith.

He now attends The Parish, an Anglican parish in the Diocese for the Sake of Others (ACNA). His hope is to be so formed in the English School that he may contribute in some way to the development and propagation of English Catholic Spirituality, even seeing a third flowering of this ancient school: the 14th, the 17th, and now the 21st century.

Specific areas of research

  • Benedictine spirituality
  • the writings of Father Andrew, S.D.C. (Henry Ernest Hardy)
  • Plainchant and the daily Offices
  • Domestic church