Ian Edgar

Ian Edgar was born and raised in London, Ontario, Canada to an English mother and Scottish father. Church attendance was not consistent in Ian’s family, but both parents were raised in the respective established churches, the Church of England and the Church of Scotland. The differences between the two were apparent and sometimes in conflict. Ian has been described as having been catechized by his mother, whose childhood Sunday Prayer Book Communion, Choral Matins and Evensong gave her a solidly Anglican and catholic understanding of the Church.

For a number of years as a boy, Ian sang in the choir of the cathedral Church of Saint Paul in London, Ontario in the Diocese of Huron, which was immensely formative. Through teenage years and into his twenties, Ian was away from the Anglican Church but was always interested in religion and married his wife at a rural Quaker meeting, near the farm they lived on with their two sons and his mother.

It was through reading the Roman Catholic philosopher and founder of L’Arche, Jean Vanier, that eventually returned Ian to the Catholic faith. Jean Vanier’s explanation of the Gospel as being good news to the poor—particularly in reference to people with intellectual disabilities—led Ian to explore other Roman Catholic authors as well as Eastern Orthodoxy. Strengthening ecumenical relationships is of great importance to Ian. This drew Ian back to the Anglican Church and also into becoming a support person for people with intellectual disabilities.

After a lengthy discernment Ian began studying at Huron University College, an Anglican seminary in London, Ontario. While there, Ian began exploring the possibility of ministry in the Church of England, where he now resides. God-willing, he will be made deacon by the Lord Bishop of Chichester, Dr Martin Warner on 30th June 2018, and begin serving his title in two parishes in that diocese on the south coast of England.

Specific areas of research

  • The meeting of the English School of Catholic Spirituality and the thought of Jean Vanier and L’Arche.
  • The relation of English Catholic Spirituality and Full Communion with the Pope of Rome and the Eastern Orthodox Communion.
  • The encouragement and rejuvenation of the Faithful Remnant.