William of Saint Thierry

Translated from the Latin by
Geoffrey Webb and Adrian Walker



the soul declares that it loves and adores god

1. Now, therefore, I worship Thee, O my God, with deepest faith. Thou art the source of all things, the Wisdom which makes every wise soul wise, the Goodness which gives joy to all happy souls. I adore Thee, bless Thee, and worship Thee, the one true God. I love Thee, and I long to love Thee with all my heart, all my mind, and all my strength. The angels and spirits who love Thee, love me too. And I love them in Thee. I know that the soul which remains in Thee and is capable of feeling human needs and longings, listens to me in Thee; and I rejoice in the soul's glory. He who has Thee as his reward, helps me in Thee, he cannot envy me my share in Thee. Only the fallen Lucifer finds joy in our unhappiness. For him alone, our gain is a loss. He has fallen from true happiness and from the reward of all. No wonder then the he does not submit to the power of truth, that he rejoices in his own selfish interests and hates the common weal. Therefore we adore Thee, God the Father, Who created us and gave us life. We worship Thee, Wisdom of the Father, Who renewed His likeness in us, and from Whom we have the grace to live wisely. We bless Thee, Holy Spirit, Whom we love, and in Whom we love. By Thy blessing we live in utmost happiness. We praise Thee, Holy Trinity, Three Persons in one God. By Thee we live; through Thee, and in Thee, we have our being. When we depart from Thee by sinning, and lose our likeness to Thee, yet dost Thou not allow us to perish. Thou art the Source and the Beginning to which we must return. To Thy likeness we are made, and by Thy grace we are reshapen to that image. We adore and bless Thee. To Thee be glory for ever and ever. Amen.


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