The Divine Love
The two treatises De Laude Caritatis and
De Amore Sponsi ad Sponsam

Hugh of St Victor

Translated by A Religious of C.S.M.V.
Edited by Matthew C. Dallman

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Hugh, to Peter, the servant of Christ: O taste and see how gracious the Lord is! (Ps 34:8)

When I was pondering, beloved brother, how I could rouse your love to thoughts of me, the first thing that occurred to me was this: that I, who ask from you nothing except the gift of love, should write to you about that selfsame love. This, therefore, I have done, as best I could; in such words as I could command I have commended charity, that you may know how ardently I both love it in you and long for it from you. Nor must your charity take it amiss if I, myself lukewarm, apply to it, when it already burns so strongly, the weak breath of my words, not with intent to fan it to a fiercer blaze so much as to make it acknowledge the endeavour of my own desire for it. Read, then, and love; and what you read for love, that read that you may love. It all proceeds from love; love sends it, love receives it; it is love that is offered, and love that is repaid.

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