The Mystical Vine
A treatise on the Passion of Our Lord

Saint Bonaventure

Translated from the Latin by a Friar of S.S.F.
Edited by Matthew Dallman




The fourth bloodshedding took place when that harsh and thorny crown was not just gently placed, but spitefully forced down upon our Jesus’ most dear head. It is typical of the haters of truth that they should require that the Truth himself should suffer torture as well as dishonor.

Here again we must not imagine that there were lacking streams of blood. From the dear Jesus’ head, so mockingly and spitefully crowned, blood flowed down from his face even on to his neck. For had they not intended to add suffering to their mockery of him whom they had crowned, they could easily have plaited the crown with the withies or twigs of some other tree. But to emphasize the harshness of their conduct, they crowned the Lord Jesus, that most meek Lamb, who is now crowned with glory and honour, with prickly thorns.

This crowning was meant as a mockery; yet in their ignorant derision they, in effect, gave witness that he was a crowned king, for is not any crown part of the insignia of a king? So he was declared king by men who did not recognize his kingship, but the thorns revealed the malice of those who crowned him.


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