The Mystical Vine
A treatise on the Passion of Our Lord

Saint Bonaventure

Translated from the Latin by a Friar of S.S.F.
Edited by Matthew Dallman




Observe that when we are describing the extent of our lover’s love, we have to combine the rose of charity with the rose of the passion. As the rose of charity takes on a deeper red in the passion, so the rose of the passion glows more brightly in the fire of charity.

The love of our lover is so great that, driven by the fire of charity, he goes to meet the redness of the passion, hazarding his life in death. But this death by crucifixion is no momentary affair. No, indeed! From the first moment of his life until the harsh death he endured at the last, he was suffering death. Everything that our good Jesus endured during the days of his flesh gave the rose of his passion a deeper red, but the frequent outpouring of his most sacred blood contributed more specially to this deepening of colour.

However, since it would not be possible for us to enumerate everything that he suffered, it may not seem irksome if we tell again of the salutary outpourings of his blood, so that these never-to-be-forgotten events may be impressed more deeply on our minds.


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