the pastoral prayer

Saint Aelred of Rievaulx

Translated by A Religious of C.S.M.V.
Edited by Matthew Dallman



Yet, Lord, whatever be the reason why
Thou hast put my unworthy, sinful self
into this office, or hast suffered others
to appoint me to it,
the fact remains that Thou commandest me
—so long as Thou allowest me to hold the same—
to be concerned for those set under me,
and to pray for them most particularly.
Wherefore, O Lord,
I lay my prayers before Thee, trusting not
in my own righteousness, but in Thy great mercy;
and where no merit of my own can lift its voice,
duty is eloquent.
Let Thine eyes, therefore, be upon me, Lord,
and let Thine ears be open to my prayers.
But since, according to the law divine,
a priest is bound to offer sacrifice
first for himself, thereafter for his people,
I make oblation to Thy majesty
first of the sacrifice of prayer for my own sins.

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