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Our mission is the renewal of Catholic reality (i.e., faith, culture, imagination, theology, practice) in Anglican parishes.

Akenside Press provides resources for prayer and catechesis (formation) in English/Anglican school of Catholic spirituality, understood to emerge through all centuries of Christianity in England and her ecclesial heirs.

This theological school has roots in the New Testament Church and grew as the Celtic Church, then through theological works by the likes of St Augustine and St Benedict, and flowered through St Anselm, Walter Hilton, Julian of Norwich, Margery Kempe, and more recently through John Macquarrie and Martin Thornton.

We understand this tradition to be a unique contribution to the historic Catholic Church, distinct yet in fellowship with Roman, Orthodox, Old Catholic, and Oriental Catholic schools and traditions. Also see "On Catholic Anglicanism".

We accept submissions of book proposals, proposals for other kinds of projects, and manuscripts that align with our mission. In particular, Akenside Press seeks to add to the ongoing studies of the theology of John Macquarrie, of Martin Thornton, and of liturgical theology, spirituality, and/or catechesis for use by faithful Anglicans in parishes and families. Please email the Executive Director with any inquiries.

Matthew DallmanExecutive Director | Deborah YetterArt Director
Father Thomas A. FraserTheological consultant