About Akenside Press

Akenside Press is a publishing ministry founded by Father Matthew Dallman. Its mission is the renewal of Catholic reality in Anglican parish life. We believe, practice, and teach the full Catholic Faith and support and promote authentic Catholic culture. We are the authorized publisher of the reissued works of Martin Thornton, having received permission from Monica Thornton, Martin’s wife. Overall, Akenside Press provides resources to support the health of Anglican patrimony, which in its most profound sense means the English School of Catholic spirituality.

“Catholic reality” means faith, culture, imagination, theology, practice, inclusively. See here for a brief description of the characteristics of English spirituality. We hold that any view of Anglican Christianity that does not account for both pre-Reformation English Christianity as well as post-Reformation English Christianity is an inadequate and partial perspective on Anglican patrimony.

If one looks at English/Anglican spirituality as a whole, one can see a true member of the family of Catholic churches—one whose tapestry of spirituality incorporates theological and pastoral insights from the Celtic tradition, Saints Augustine and Benedict, the Cistercian Fathers (including St Bernard and William of St Thierry), the Victorines, the Franciscans, Saint Thomas Aquinas, and more. It flowered through Saint Anselm, English anchorites and solitaries, Walter Hilton, Julian of Norwich, Margery Kempe, and later through Richard Hooker, George Herbert, Lancelot Andrewes, Jeremy Taylor, John Keble, Charles Gore, William Temple, Michael Ramsey, Eric Mascall, A.M. Allchin, John Macquarrie, and others.

This tradition, often ignored and marginalized yet still a vital and active ferment, is a unique member of the family of Catholic churches, distinct yet in sacramental fellowship with Roman, Orthodox, Old Catholic, and Oriental Catholic schools and traditions. Also see “On Catholic Anglicanism.”

Akenside Press accepts submissions of book proposals, proposals for other kinds of projects, and manuscripts that align with our distinct mission. In particular, Akenside Press seeks to add to the ongoing studies of the theology of John Macquarrie and Martin Thornton, and of liturgical theology, spirituality, and/or catechesis for use by faithful Anglicans in parishes and families. See Father Dallman’s email below with inquiries.

Akenside Press was founded by Father Matthew Dallman in 2012 and began within the community of Saint Paul’s, Riverside, a historic parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago. It now lives in the Parish of Tazewell County, within the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois.

Fr Matthew DallmanFounder
Joyce GarciaEditorial Consultant
Steve BortmanProduction Consultant
Mark Roosien, Fr John Inserra, Ian Edgar, Fr Thomas Fraser, Bp Daniel Martins, Fr David Matlak, Br John-Bede Pauley, Charles Blair, Tyler Whatley — Theological Consultants