Announcing our second Fellow-in-Residence

As the founder of Akenside Press, now in its almost sixth year of mission to aid in the rediscovery of the true Anglican patrimony of the English School of Catholic spirituality, I am most pleased to announce the continued flowering of an initiative—our Fellows-in-Residence program—planted six month ago and which promises to make creative strides and bear fruit.

This new flowering is the addition of our second Fellow-in-Residence, Ian Edgar. A Canadian by birth and a small-scale farmer for much of his adult life, Ian now lives in England and will be ordained, God-willing, a Deacon later this month on 30 June and serve two parishes in the Diocese of Chichester.

Ian will have three areas of focus in his Fellowship. Long inspired by the writings of Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche, Ian will explore in his Fellowship possible areas of mutuality between the thought of Vanier and the English School of Catholic Spirituality. He will also explore whether study of the English School might yield new directions in prayer with respect to the issues of Full Communion with the Pope of Rome and the Eastern Orthodox Communion. The third area of focus for Ian will be the theology of the Faithful Remnant (a key theme of Martin Thornton’s theology) and inducing its rejuvenation within parish life.

To learn more about Ian and his journey, see here.

To learn more about the twofold ministry of our Fellows-in-Residence program, see here.

Welcome, Ian! Pray for his ministry as a Fellow-in-Residence, and for the overall ministry of Akenside Press to strengthen Anglican patrimony through the renewal of Catholic reality in Anglican parish life.

—Father Matthew Dallman, Obl.S.B.