“The Purple Headed Mountain” is now for sale!

The Purple Headed Mountain by Martin ThorntonDecember 16, 2014 marks the return of Martin Thornton’s classic text, The Purple Headed Mountain, to in-print status. Just shy of 53 years after its original printing by London’s Faith Press, we at Akenside Press are very glad to reissue The Purple Headed Mountain — an “authorized reissue” as we received permission from Monica Thornton, Martin’s wife, to reissue all thirteen books of his corpus.

All new artwork, all new typesetting, and a new introduction by yours truly. We discussed it in house for quite some time, we did a 5-week short course on the book at Saint Paul’s, Riverside, we sought outside opinions on whether the book remained topical (across the board, the answer was a resoundingly affirmative), we solicited advice on how best to present the book as well as contextualize it, and we did all the hard, boring stuff of book production — and now, with great pleasure and humility, we can say that you can now purchase the book here. How gratifying!

Simply put, this is a text that can be put to immediate use in Anglican parishes who are seeking to support and sustain Catholic reality — that is, faith, culture, imagination, theology, practice. It is both accessible and sophisticated, intelligent and practical. It connects doctrine with life, and on every page, even every paragraph, it evokes prayer and contemplation. As Archbishop Michael Ramsey wrote in the Foreword,“At every point there is a down-to-earth practicality about its treatment of the spiritual life.” This is orthodoxy both adventurous and awe-filled.

You can find a longer description of the book on our Facebook page. Meanwhile, here are the nitty, gritty details:

106 pages
5 in x 7 in
ISBN: 978-0-692-34106-3
Perfect bound
Color cover on 80-lb paper, natural
Inside pages on 70-lb paper, natural

A new introduction by Matthew Dallman
Original foreword by Archbishop Michael Ramsey
Original author’s preface by Martin Thornton

Further description at the book’s ordering page. Order your copy today!