Exciting stuff for Akenside Press!

I wanted to tell you about some very exciting stuff happening. It all amounts to an amazing opportunity with high-upside for Anglicanism:

(1) As I wrote a little while ago, we have received permission from the family of Martin Thornton to reissue all thirteen of his books, which we will do in the coming years. Here are my copies of each title:

In the reissuing process, each book will require its own particular “TLC” because each has something significant that needs updating. I am not referring to Thornton’s text. No — it is always glorious. I am talking about citations, references, missing prefaces, and things like that. But because this will occupy such a great deal of our efforts going forward, I’ll leave this for future posts. There is quite a bit more to say.

(2) I will be spending a month in England and Wales this summer to meet with the Thornton family (his wife and daughter) and do research for a book I will write that introduces Thornton to a wider audience, something never before written. I plan to call it Martin Thornton: Introduction and Selected Writings. My research will take me to libraries and locales that include London, Oxford, Cambridge, and Wales.

Dr Rowan Williams, ret. Archbishop of Canterbury

Dr Rowan Williams, ret. Archbishop of Canterbury

(3) While I am there I will meet with ++Rowan Williams, one on one, in Cambridge. I wrote him asking if he would speak with me about Martin Thornton, and … he agreed! He also called our booklet The Benedictine Parish “finely produced” and that he would be quoting from it in a lecture he was giving to clergy. Just incredible! Our meeting is scheduled for July 2 in Cambridge.

(4) To raise funds for the remaining expenses (travel, bare minimum book production costs), I have launched a Kickstarter campaign. I hope to reach $3970 in this campaign, which lasts until 13 March. So far after 3 days, I have received $1,600 in pledges and am 40% toward my goal, which is very good. But it is an “all or nothing” affair, and the campaign does not at least reach my goal, I get nothing.

Watch this video I made for the Kickstarter campaign. By clicking on the “K” you will be taken to the fundraising page.

Any and all help is needed — financial, prayer, spreading of the word. Please help!

Let me also recap some of the endorsements of what Akenside Press has been and will be doing. I mentioned ++Rowan said my first booklet is “finely produced”. Additionally:

“You are doing important work.”
The Rt Rev. Daniel Martins
Bishop of Springfield, Illinois, and
Chair of the Board of Trustees of Nashotah House Theological Seminary

“You and your press are a blessing.”
The Rev. Dr Steven A. Peay
Dean for Academic Affairs, Nashotah House Theological Seminary

regarding The Benedictine Parish:
“I hope this book is widely read and widely influential.”
The Rev. Dr Louis Weil
Professor Emeritus of Liturgics, Church Divinity School of the Pacific

regarding our reissuing of Martin Thornton’s books:
“A great service to the Anglican world, and beyond.”
Dr Christopher Wells, executive editor of The Living Church magazine

What blessings, each and every one. So please support our Kickstarter campaign — with your prayers, word of mouth, and if you can, a financial pledge!