Preview of “The Person of Jesus Christ” lecture series

macquarrieThis is an 18-minute audio excerpt of the forthcoming title from Akenside Press. The Person of Jesus Christ is a lecture-series by John Macquarrie from 1984. The entire lecture-series on contemporary christology is nearly four hours long and includes five separate lectures as Macquarrie deals comprehensively with this crucial area of theology from multiples perspectives. And it is crucial, for how we understand Christ is how we understand all of creation, to say nothing about humanity, our own sinfulness and salvation, and Almighty God himself.

This clip is from his third lecture, where he begins to detail a christology “from below”, technically called “anabatic christology”. In an anabatic approach, which does have precedence in the New Testament, one begins from the person of Jesus Christ, and then works toward his divinity.

Enjoy this preview! The full lecture series which you can download in MP3 form will be available soon.