Anselm’s devotional poem

From The Proslogian:

Come now, little child.
Turn awhile from your daily work;
hide yourself for a little time from your restless thoughts,
cast away your troublesome cares; put aside your wearisome distractions.
Give yourself a little leisure to talk to God, and rest awhile in him.
Enter the secret chamber of your heart,
shutting out everything but God,
and that which may help you in seeking him.
And when you’ve closed the door, seek him.
Now, my whole heart, say to God:
‘I seek your face;
your face, O Lord, do I seek.’

I will seek you by desiring you,
and desire you in seeking you.
I will find you by loving you,
and love you in finding you.
I praise and give thanks to you
that you made me in your image,
so that I can remember you,
think of you,
love you.
But so darkened is our image in me
by the smoke of my sins,
that it is useless unless you restore it.
I do not seek, O Lord, to search out your depths,
but only in some measure to understand your truth,
which my heart believes and loves.
I do not seek to understand so that I may believe,
but believe that I may understand.
For this I know to be true:
that unless I first believe I shall not understand.